Carbon Cell

Enabling companies to invest in climate assets with greater liquidity and transparency using cutting edge blockchain technology

Attain Carbon Neutrality with Transparency

Track what you invest in

Track the development of the projects and price transparency of assets you invest in through blockchain technology.

Deeper Liquidity

Invest and trade your carbon assets in form of tokens with better liquidity and minimum middlemen.

Better Price Discovery

With open price discovery mechanism, Carbon Cell creates a transparent price discovery mechanism for all buyers.

Access to verified projects

Carbon Cell gives buyers access to only verified projects completely free of cost.

Access to all major registries

Marketplace can list projects from all major carbon offset registries.

Instant Settlement

Carbon Cell Marketplace offers international as well as local instant settlement of carbon credits to companies.

For Corporates

Fulfill your green targets

Fulfill your duty to the environment and achieve your green targets by investing the green projects and other carbon assets.

Attain carbon neutrality

Fulfill your carbon neutrality pledge with quality carbon assets.

Verified Carbon Offsets

All the carbon offsets listed and tokenized are associated with verified carbon projects across the globe.

Our Solutions

CC Marketplace

The leading platform for buying and selling carbon credits online. Our mission is to facilitate the transition to a sustainable future by connecting individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in offsetting their carbon emissions.

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CC Exchange

The cutting-edge platform leveraging blockchain technology to enable seamless trading of climate assets. Our mission is to revolutionize the way climate assets are exchanged, making it accessible, transparent, and efficient.

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Get to know Us

We support all types of climate assets:

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are tradable permits representing a reduction of one metric ton of CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gases. They incentivize emission reduction by allowing those who cut emissions to sell credits to those exceeding limits. This system aids in mitigating climate change while encouraging sustainable practices.

Plastic Credits

Plastic credits are tradable certificates that represent the removal or prevention of a certain amount of plastic waste from the environment. They incentivize plastic waste reduction by allowing organizations to support and invest in plastic collection, recycling, and cleanup projects, contributing to cleaner ecosystems and reduced plastic pollution.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), also known as Green Energy Certificates or Tradable Renewable Certificates, are tradable instruments that represent the environmental attributes of renewable energy generation. They allow individuals and organizations to support and invest in clean energy production without physically consuming the energy.

Other Nature Based Projects (NBS)

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) refer to a range of projects and approaches that utilize natural ecosystems and processes to address various environmental and societal challenges. These solutions often provide benefits for both nature and people.


  • What are Carbon Offsets?

    A carbon offset is a reduction or removal of emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Offsets are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

  • Carbon credits stands for the right to emit that carbon, while the carbon offsets represent the production of a certain amount of sustainable energy to counterbalance the use of fossil fuels. Carbon Credits are regulated assets issued by regulatory bodies and traded in regulated markets while offsets are assets traded in voluntary carbon markets which do not have specified regulation yet.

  • People and companies can play their part for the environment by investing in carbon assets of projects working in various segment from technology to planting trees and support them financial by monetizing their carbon offsets. Investment organizations can benefit by investing in assets for future profits also helping in better and transparent pricing of these carbon assets which have mostly been traded behind closed doors until now.