Decarbonize your footprint

With our high quality and verified carbon credits, companies can reach their net zero emission targets by funding the projects helping to solve climate change.

How you can grow with us

Invest in Projects

Companies and CSR departments can directly invest in projects as a whole from the tokenized projects which gets them better prices.

Retire your assets

If companies wants to retire or redeem their assets, they can easily retire them on the portal and redeem their offsets in physical certificates or registries.

Deeper Liquidity

Companies can buy credits in bulk with deeper liquidity than the traditional markets.

Tokenized Carbon Offsets

Corporates can buy carbon offsets which are tokenized with minimal steps from Carbon Cell Portal.

Carbon Financial Products

Companies and investment firms can access complex financial products such as derivatives which opens opportunities of investment not available in the traditional markets.

Carbon Cell works with companies and market leaders from all industries

Our Services

Buy and Sell Carbon Credits

Whether you're an individual or a business, we have credits to suit your needs. Simply select the quantity you require, proceed to checkout, and make a positive impact on the environment. If you own carbon credits generated from sustainable projects, you can list them for sale on our exchange.

Trade Climate Assets

Seamlessly trade diversified climate assets with instant settlement to take position in the NBS, thus committing to the environment.

Offset Carbon Footprint

Offset your carbon footprint and invest in a sustainable future by purchasing climate assets on our spot exchange. Explore our extensive marketplace of verified assets, choose the quantity and type that aligns with your environmental goals, and complete the transaction securely using our blockchain technology.

Strategize your environmental goals

Consult with us to create effective strategy to achieve your environmental goals of achieving net zero emissions.